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The Mystery of the Magic Veil

A story by Eeke - Inquiries to yourself at the end of the story


In a busy land, in the middle of its colossal capital city, there was an enormous villa, where there lived a 41 year old woman.

Her villa was an Oasis of peace and abundance. It contained everything her heart desired: A loving handsome husband, three healthy children and enough help whenever it was needed.

The villa had endless amounts of rooms to host anyone that was important to her. Apart from individual bathrooms for every single person, it had spacious dressing rooms where all the beautiful clothes hang neatly and peacefully waiting to be worn.

There was a sauna that automatically jumped on every day for her, a fully equipped bar which would make many a pub or restaurant jealous, a private gym area furnished with the best machines and latest equipment, and a state-of-the-art massage chair that gave better massages then most human masseuses could next to a harmonious mediation room all for her own peace and quiet when needed.

Outside there was a heated long swimming pool surrounded by a luscious garden which contained everything she had ever wished, like a fig tree, olive trees, hang mat, swinging garden bench, an impressive bonsai tree and real grass that got mown by a robot named Bob.

It was a piece of heaven on earth in the middle of this buzzing bubbling city.

She had only 1 problem. Always when she tried to enjoy all these pleasures, something happened which prevented her from enjoying it all. If she would walk to the massage chair for example, magically something intervened so she couldn’t reach the chair.

Or when she tried to walk to the inviting comfortable lounge sofa with a cup of tea, suddenly the handyman would be in front of the door to fix the fire place. Even if she tried to go to the sauna, magically she was called to the door because the pool guys appeared to maintain the pool. One day she collected all her courage and tried to enter her home gym, but as soon as she set foot in the area, school called to pick up one of her daughters from school because she was in tears.

It was like a magical secret blanket was put over all these amazing features in her villa which made sure she wouldn’t be able to reach them.

She was doomed to live with all these astonishing objects, taunted by the knowledge she would never be able to use any of it. It was a daily torment. She knew all those beautiful things where available, but that it was not in the cards for her to truly enjoy or use them.

She saw others reaching all of it easily. They would jump merrily in the pool or with huge fun made smores at the open fireplace in the garden. She saw how her husband and daughters would easily spend time in the gym while watching their favorite Netflix shows on the huge led tv screen.

She observed how the nanny would casually hang on her bar, scrolling mindlessly on her phone while sipping exquisite special coffee and how her small son would lavishly lay on the lounge sofa yelling “sandwich with everything!” and how that would be brought to him immediately including a special tasty candy surprise and some lemonade with fresh ice cubes to flush it all down comfortably.

As she kept trying to also reach those places she was always stopped by this kind of magical veil. It was a mystery to her. How could everybody so enjoy it all while she worked her ass of and became unhappier, and more stressed every day?

The tension and depression would rise more and more and she would fall deeper and deeper.

Her despair grew year after year. As she went deeper and deeper, she would wonder what she was doing wrong? She would try many different strategies in order to reach those places of comfort and joy. She did acclaimed courses, impressive workshops and deep studies. She gathered numerous certificates and diplomas, but it was never enough. She wasn’t able to find the answer.

She searched in the spiritual realm, in mediation yoga, satsang, gurus or self-help books. She even tried the medical realm of oxazepam, alprazolam and Prozac.

Nothing worked….

She began dreaming of giving up…of falling fatally by accident or being hit by a car. She dreamed about leaving it all behind, with merely a backpack and herself and settling in a warm country where she would finally not be obliged to do anything. Where she wouldn’t need to open any doors for handymen, where there was no work to be done or certificates be to earned.

Time and time again people told her that the answer wouldn’t not be found in that warm country or in that hospital bed and that the magical veil would go with her wherever she would go.

Then one day, while she was laying on a treatment bench for the umpteenth treatment against stress and burn out, she heard a small undefined voice. A little voice, not even that significant or noteworthy, with no special tone or style.

Surprised that this was the time and place that the Big Revelation would be brought to her, she looked around. Is this decrypt and dilapidated small old treatment room, which smelled slightly of the sweat of the previous customer, during this immensely busy day, with this really nice but not so special therapist, really the place where the Big Answer would appear to her?

She had expected that this would at least be delivered to her by a magnificent thundering voice during at least a breathtaking flamboyant sunset or next to a wildly abundant streaming magical waterfall.

But no, this was the time and the place….

The time had come….

“Its not to give UP my dear, its to give IN…..

Yield, surrender, Cede my love….

Open your hand, open your arms, open your heart and GIVE IN….”

What the hell?! She thought ….

Was that really it?

Stunned she returned home on her supersonic electrical bike.

The first thing she did was turn on the fireplace in the middle of her house, because it was cold outside and… it worked!…. This was already a surprise. She got the most comfortable chair she could find and located it cozily in front of the fireplace, carefully placing a soft little rug in front of it too that would hug her cold feet.

She cautiously made the nicest cup of tea for herself and approached the comfortable cozy area prudently. Very carefully and with held breath she lowered herself down on the inviting chair. Her body made contact with the soft fabric and her skin could feel the warmth of the fireplace welcoming her to relax and enjoy. Nothing stopped her!?.... No one disturbed her, no one rang the bell and no one called her away!...

It was home rush-hour no less. All her children where home, it was dinner time, all after school activities had finished, and work was still running. All came at the same time, like every day…. But she stayed calm, seated on her warm and soft place in the middle of her abundant villa.

The level of her amazement was so high that if you would try to look it up in the dictionary you would not even find a term for it.

Out of pure enthusiasm she grabbed her laptop and wrote this story in one go.

Nothing stopped her to do so, no magical veil no preventative secret blanket impeded her to write this tale.

The End.


  • What would it look like for you if you were to stop fighting and would just give in?

  • What does your total surrender look like?

  • What does loving yourself unconditionally look like?

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